Become one of the greatest composers of all time!

Compose your masterpiece!

Use your inspiration, seek fortune and hobnob with aristocrats to perform musical masterpieces and achieve your legacy.

Attend your rivals performances to gain joy, passion and sorrow which can help you to either create your own works of genius or build up for future opportunities and bonuses.

Ovation starts with quick, simple actions but as you become a more experienced composer, you'll be able to attain new heights as the game builds to a powerful crescendo.

Secure Your Musical Legacy

Choose your path

Each turn, you'll choose whether you want to gain inspiration or if you'd rather spend it to seek your fortune, entice patrons to support your efforts, or perform a musical masterpiece for your neighbors to enjoy. 

Practice makes perfect 

As the game progresses, your one action is more and more powerful, leading to big, satisfying turns that push you closer to becoming a Maestro.

Strategic, fun, and finely tuned

Whether you love classical music or don't know a tuba from Turandot, you'll be drawn into the joy and passion of performing for your friends and family. There are multiple paths to choose from as you race to complete Maestro goals, offering strategy, player interaction, and the chance to become the greatest composer of all.

Players: 1 to 4

Time: 40-60 minutes

Ages: 10+


Will Your Rivals Achieve Greatness or Will Your Legacy Outshine Them All?